Project: Bitch Body as of Nov 4

It has been a very long while since I last wrote something sensible here. The schedule has been very hectic ever since I came back from my short vacation from Cebu and Manila; and here I am again, going back to my home country in a few days with my backlog of blog posts still pending.

Anyway, last November 4, I noticed that the third line on my abdominal area is starting to contour. This progress was a bit delayed because I fell sick with a nasty flu last weekend bloating myself with sugar overloaded fruit juices to replenish myself with liquid. I couldn’t take just the plain water. Besides, the only flavor I can taste until now is sour.

Project: Bitch Body

One of the reasons you would want to gain more muscles after fat loss is because you would not want to invest more money buying new clothes because you don’t fit in them anymore. Besides, you need more caloric expenditure through muscle gain. A few more fat loss and muscle gain, I can show you the third fine line there

I have not measured my body fat percentage yet. Hopefully I am below 15% when I step onto the scale before I leave for Manila. A lot of people have mentioned that  I actually look better with the Aug 28 picture – why? Because I was fuller, yes with fats. Not to worry because I have modified my exercise program and diet. The aerobics and circuit exercises are less 20% and I am eating more complex carbohydrates.

Project: Bitch Body

Blue and White

The picture above was taken yesterday. Obviously, you can see the difference from the November 4 picture that I am fuller. Not too sure if it was because of the fruit juice intake or the diet and exercise change. If you have more inputs, please let me know. I am very eager to achieve 8-10% body fat at 70 kilos by April 2013.

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