Off to Ta'if

Here I am, blogging from my mother’s netbook while I kill time in our house. I have booked this flight in an effort to attend my cousin’s wedding and to consume some of the extra leaves that I have to finish before the year ends. Without any itinerary at hand, it was a coincidence that my sister was set to leave for Kingdom of Saudi Arabia yesterday.

On Brain Drain.

I have never imagined myself working for another country until my father passed away. When my sister decided to earn her degree in Nursing, we were all expecting that she would fly away first. With all twisted fates, I am set to complete my two years working in Kuala Lumpur.

Actually, it isn’t bad. Why? Because I can easily come home- 3.5 hours of flight and the cheapest 2,500 pesos on a pre-booked promotional fare purchased 11 months before departure date is a big catch. A usual 10-thousand pesos fare is the most expensive fare I have bought so far, and this is for the Christmas season which isn’t bad.

Perk up!

But how about those who work at the Middle East? Despite the more generous compensation package: free lodging; free food; tax-free income; and fully-paid vacation with airfare included, working in a farther country where women are not equally treated would be cumbersome especially for those that are newly departed and recognized ‘The New Heroes of the Philippines’.

Nevertheless, time has passed. As what our father has instilled on us that we were grown to survive independently – she will.

May you bring home more rials as I haven’t saved any. Hahaha. All the best of luck!

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