Business Writing: Perusal

Paradigm Mall after my gym, there were a few promoters on loudspeakers showcasing their products. On my way upstairs to the topmost floor to watch Iron Man 3, I overheard someone saying this on the PA:

The root word is peruse – means to read over through the material thoroughly.

Most of the time, you would see this in business emails.

[blockquote]Attach herewith is the document you requested enclosed found in this email. This is for your perusal and for your action.[/blockquote]

The key to a good communication is to use an active voice. Let us study what are the things that could be improved in the sentences above.
Redundancy – attached herewith and enclosed are unnecessary repetition. Since you have attached a file or a document in the email, of course, the file should have been enclosed. Unless, you have forgotten it. It is like singing the song, “Sharing the Night Together”. There will be no way you can share your night by yourself – schizophrenic maybe?

Verbosity – using big words and vagueness will not help you deliver your message. Kind perusal? I wish it barks softly or purrs sweetly while it brushes itself around your legs. This is so out of way in Business Writing.

Voice – “For your perusal” or “For your action”. The reason you sent an email requesting for something is you want to do some action on it – that something needs to be done. Write it specifically on the email or the letter. Using passive voice just creates a gap between the writer and the reader. “Do something WHAT?”.

Going back to what I heard yesterday, perusal is appropriately used when you need to study something that is printed on a manuscript or paper. You don’t study a mobile phone, you play with it;

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