I may be too late to undergo quarter-life crisis but can you help me grasp the understanding of achieving happiness in life? In fact, one of the uplifting songs I have ever heard is Alexis Jordan’s Happiness.

Contentment. Either people get contented with what they have so they stop asking for more – finding happiness. But this I don’t think this is the prime reason.

Giving. Sharing is caring. I am totally disconnected.

Love. Finding someone whom you express your emotions from deep in your heart and soul can affix the lost happiness in your life. I guess I haven’t find a real one yet.

Materialism. Come on. Do not be such a hypocrite. It has been debated for a number of times that ‘money can’t buy you happiness’. On the other hand, if you relate #2, you may find happiness.

Religion. Knowing that you have fully embraced the deeds of the ultimate creator, it may provide happiness through elevated spiritual experience.

Philosophy. No one nor nothing can provide this except yourself.

Happiness is obviously a state of emotion or feeling produced by some mixed chemicals by your brain. You feel glad, contented or anything positive. Mathematics may have different ways of correlating happiness in your everyday life through data sets. For example, your happiness rate with the amount of money that you have by a number of sample of a population. I can simply show you a scatterplot and this is done scientifically. But when it comes to yourself, neither Statistics nor anyone can explain it to you.

So let’s look at how people think – Psychology. It is widely accepted in the field that there are five things that contribute to ones happiness and it is done through correlational findings (again Statistics):

  • Pleasure (tasty food, warm baths, etc.),
  • Engagement (or flow, the absorption of an enjoyed yet challenging activity),
  • Relationships (social ties have turned out to be extremely reliable indicator of happiness),
  • Meaning (a perceived quest or belonging to something bigger), and
  • Accomplishments (having realized tangible goals).

    Happiness, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Happiness

Expectation. Do not exceed your expectation to the mere reality.

Sex. Didn’t Maslow include this? Oh yes, just one of the needs.

I have listed some but I haven’t decided which one. I can list a lot more sensible and irrelevant things but I tell you, this will be a long post. Seriously, something struck me recently in which I found a different way of finding a different level of appreciating things which I think I am happy about. May it be bad or good, it is definitely YOLO.

Have you found yours, yet?

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