Short Term Memory Loss

These past few days, I have been having surges of short-term memory loss. I guess I am parteeing too much these past few weekends consecutively. There will be moments that I would really tend to forget where I put my keys or small things and in a span of less than a minute, I would not remember placing them.

This last Monday, while I was on the bus, after paying the ticket, I remembered that I put my wallet in between my bag and my body; where the bag rests on my lap. I was listening to music because everything seemed to be so vivid and bright that night while I was on my way to work. The moment I reached the intersection where I usually alight, I immediately stood up and walked towards the office. I was carrying a small gym bag with my packed lunch and some crappy stuff in it… I could not find my wallet!

I rested my bag on the bench outside the mall while I was still looking for my missing wallet. A guy in his kitchen uniform came to me and he was holding the wallet! Smiling and asking me if I was looking for it. I could not thank enough for the good deed when he came rushing to me to return the wallet and did not intend to keep it to himself. Nothing was missing even the paper bills although the wallet only contain less than a hundred and fifty bucks inside.

Despite I am feeling crappy today as my serotonin levels are depleted from crashing from last weekend, I should still be thankful that people are still good to me… to you. This is just good karma, believe in it and you shall receive likewise.

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