I have been away for so long because of work and some personal matter – and these are always my alibis. Anyway, I just renewed my host and I think I will be sticking to this for a long time.



Disappointment – as the equation shows, two major variables are considered. The numerator, expectation; the denominator, reality. Let’s do this mathematically. Assign a value to both numerator and denominator, then, multiply it by 100. If your quotient is more than 100%, you will be most likely disappointed. The farther your value goes away from the baseline of 100%, the more disappointed you will be.

Face it, that’s why it is called reality.

This year has not been a good one. It is almost December and I am looking forward for a new year full of hopes. I know this post came too early for the New Year’s Even and I will most likely post an emotional personal rant on the 31st of December. It is just that things today didn’t turn out well – four of them.

Oh, well.

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