Facebook Data Visualization

One of the key providers of Big Data is social media and if you know me personally, I am very active on these sites especially Facebook. Normally, I would use Wolfram Alpha to conduct simple regression and mathematical operations where Excel could not handle without using any statistical software until I was forced to learn R language (by the way, if you have time, make time to learn this language – it is very cool).

Anyway, today, I spent my workday learning how to use RapidMiner to do simple text analytics and converting it to a sensible Sentiments Analysis using customer feedback from surveys. As far as my self-training goes, I have just reached progressed of making a vector count of most frequently used words yet I have not created any graphs nor even a simple word cloud. Tell you, becoming a data scientist is really challenging.

Back to my post – Wolfram Alpha offers a free report generation of the basics of your Facebook profile. If you have any questions in interpreting some of these charts, you can ask me or you can always count on Google.

Facebook Activity

Facebook Activity

Friends Stats

Friends Stats

Friend Network

Friend Network

Get yours at http://www.wolframalpha.com/input/?i=facebook+report

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