Khin Yo

Thank you Robert for asking me last night what happened to my blog – it is up and running yet no updates. One of the reasons is that whenever I access the WP admin, the site becomes offline. Thanks to Cloudflare for caching so that the front end is still available. It came to a point that I gave up maintaining the SQL database. Either it is corrupted or some codes have been inserted without my knowledge when my website was attacked a few months before.

Nevertheless, it is a new year… a new start. *inserts duplication, emphasis and redundancy here*. Five days post 2014 Anno Domini, I said yes to a commitment to a younger Chinese 男孩, Yo – Chen Khin Kiat. I hope spelled it correctly.

He does make up and is currently working as a wedding photographer’s assistant near where I stay. He messaged me first on Growlr last month (last year) and been seeing each other for a few weeks before I left for Manila for a short vacation.

To tell you the truth, I am half-hearted at first. Why?

  • He is a half decade younger than my age. LOL sorry if I cannot stop myself from giving you algebraic word problems; 
  • He has not finished SPM or high school equivalent. Call me judgmental but I was in awe when I first heard this. When he explained what happened, my sympathies are with him now. Come to think of it, opposites attract, right?; and
  • We have communication barrier. He speaks English poorly. I am in the process of learning Mandarin so we can communicate better. Yes, for the sake of love, if you must say.

Lastly, I have been single for the past two years. This new venture gives me a jittery feeling that I think I forget the feeling of diving into new challenges – emotionally speaking; considering that I used to have low emotional quotient. Bear with me, I have improved, yet, apathy is still my specialty.

Question: Am I invading someone’s privacy now?

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