I was sleep and having a good dream but I cant remember the good part. The part I can remember was when I was on the same bed now, where I was asleep and I saw myself on top of me thinking that he was my boyfriend, only without braces.

I was telling him, “Only if…”. The mattress moved a bit. I continued with my sentence and then the mattress moved itself against the door with me and my other self forced banging against the door. An invisible motion kept pushing us against the other. I told to my other self to keep calm.

When I looked into the window pane, I saw a shadow of a giant spider running towards us.

That woke me up from deep sleep. After a few seconds of regaining consciousness, I felt a cold shiver of breeze on my back; mind you that I have the AC and fan turned on, and wearing topless when I went to sleep earlier. This cold air is different from the artificial air that the fan or the AC blows.

I shifted my look on the same window pane like in my dream and I thought I saw something. It could be the same person that keeps walking around the apartment for the past three years I have stayed here.

Guess what, when I turned on my iPad to write this, it was 3:10 AM.

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