On Free Platform

I guess it’s time to continue writing again.

I still have my webhost active until the end of the year, but since the database has been corrupted from some intrusion alert, the admin panel has never worked well. I can start with a new database, scratching from start, by just exporting my posts via XML but I realized that since the past few months I barely had the precious time to update, free loading on WordPress should do the trick through mapping my current domain and paying a minimal amount compared to paying a host that always gives me 404 errors. Besides, the ads were just minimal and I was really doing this to fill in some spare time. Also, I would not forget how blogging helped me with my writing skill despite I still commit a lot of errors in tenses.

Expect a few updates coming in the next few days. For the meantime, when I come home later, ill find a decent layout template, very minimal this time.

From mobile.

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