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Psychometrics has always been an amazing field of Psychology and I have always been inspired to analyze the collected data trying to understand how human behavior works, in Organizational Psychology, at least. Talentoday offers this win-win situation where they can collect data for their research and you, as the inquisitor, can explore how you behave especially in your professional career.


The test is calculated by standardization of the norm making sure that across the test takers, the z-score and stern scores are used to interpret the results. Also, I noticed that there is a pattern in the questions which is usually frequent in these kinds of tests where validity is measured to predict the outcome based on the indicators. The rest of the data collection and calibration process are available in the website once you have finished the exam. The radar chart above is interactive.

The exam result is divided into 5 different clusters. The ordering are based on my results in descending order where my highest score is 6.5 and the lowest is 4. These clusters are the main personality dimensions which are proven to be essential in the professional world.

  • Dare
  • Excel
  • Manage
  • Adapt
  • Communicate

Also, the exam prepares a motivation scale – the things that drive you to achieve your goals and the things you may need to work on. Obviously mine is communication. Each of the clusters mentioned above earns an ordinal rating from 1 to 10 giving you more meaning to your score on a lower-level.


Lastly, you will be presented with your talent ID enlisting your empowering attitude that makes you unique.


Once done, you can even receive a PDF of the summary and detailed report based on your answers. After 6 months, you can reassess, as part of the test and retest method, if there’s any change in your outlook. Although I have not tried comparing my results among my friends nor the people who have taken the test within the same organization. If there’s an option to compare the results within the same industry or job specification, that’s going to be interesting. I guess that they’re still collecting more data regardless if these have not been scientifically gathered because of dependency and deviance from randomness.

Join and take your personality exam. Let’s compare!

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