On Open Source, Kind Of

Today is the day that I finally decided to let go of Windows on my 5-year old laptop. It was around 3 to 5 years of decision making shifting to Ubuntu. What kept me from doing it? Adobe Audition, Photoshop and Lightroom.

Yes! These three applications that keep me sane whenever I have creative-rush-of-moment are my salvation. Currently, I am trying to work around using the alternatives in the GNU environment but it seems that I might be needing some help from WINE so I can run these. It just basically keeps the jobs done efficiently and smoothly. Otherwise, I might need to install a virtual machine for the sake of running these applications. Nevertheless, my machine runs smoother and faster.

To tell you honestly, giving up these applications was not really my main motivator to move in Ubuntu – it is open source. Most of the applications that are used in Data Science, R and Python, are based on open source. By using more command line syntax rather than GUI, promotes and forces me to relearn the art of coding. Besides, I am set to learn the basics of Linux on edX in the next few months.

Ubuntu 14

Do you see the screenshot? I am trying to install a virtual machine via coding. Can I have some tissue please?

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