Monster and Fairytales

It could be true, that “Tale as old as time…” but this time it is not. Having a dysfunctional relationship with your ownself could affect everyone specially those who enter your intimate personal radii.

When people intertwine morals and beliefs with reality and expectations, things definitely change – that’s a hard fact! Not everybody could live a a fairytale-like lifestyle while breeding a monster within, but it just happened. Hence in a span of two weeks, deviation from the norm becomes a no-issue. This is neither exciting nor boring but more of a stronger passion to connect with someone, a spark which you can feel tingling in all parts of the nerve endings even at the tip of your hair follicles. This spark teaches you to become stronger hoping that in the next few steps of your life, you’ll cross paths again with a homogenous sense of belonging, not being dragged into this madness thinking that everything could be dealt with mediation and compromises.

Everything is blurry at this moment. I could just easily snap given that workload and school are pressing against I. Sometimes I wish a budding physicist announces that someone has explored the wonders of a multiverse, where in that dimension of space-time, things were better in your favor.

By the way, it was Alexander Chai’s 26th birthday yesterday. Not that I know of that Sasha could be your potential nickname. I also wish that you lived in that multiverse.