The Dog’s Scent

I have never believed in forever nor second times, only random chances. In Computational Statistics, you can run simulations to a large finite iteration and come up with the same result given that your lambda and gamma errors are minimal.

Given that my mind always thinks of justification, not perception, this is different when something so abstract needs to be understood. Events and reasons that I do not understand could fail to be resolved. Which actually fathoms me that a decade ago, I used to be INTJ, then, shifted to INTP recently.

Missing someone is one of the hardest things to experience during a break up. When you’re so used to the pattern, presence and the scent, you’ll definitely look for it – something’s missing. Actually, a part of you has been lost. This could be because you invested yourself in someone whom ignited your passion and outlook towards your humdrum life.

Our canine friends have significantly more olfactory machinery inside their wet noses. I’m wondering that if I sleep tonight with the blue gym trousers beside me, the same unwashed shorts that he wore for a week while he was beside me, could at least lessen this heartache. Or maybe I should just look forward on Tuesday because I’ll see Jayvee again. Maybe that would give me distraction.

A Dog's Purpose
I kept wondering earlier, while watching A Dog’s Purpose, is when Sasha passes on, I wish the dog could find its purpose. Actually no, maybe I am too box-minded that I am forcing Sasha to find a reason for living comparing to Bailey.

And for me, hopefully soon, too.