On Break

Whatever I have been doing for the past few months, it has come to a halt. Two weeks have passed and today is the last dose which brought euphoria, feeling of grandeur and masculinity diminish. Tomorrow, I shall recover from it and it may take me a few days or even weeks just to get back to baseline; hopefully very soon because this feeling sucks. I am definitely expecting a few days ahead where I am cranky, not in the mood, may be intaking loads of sugar and caffeine to perk me up.

School is starting to get into my weekends. For the next few ones, I may be busy meeting with undergraduates to conceptualize our project. Soon enough, even after midterms, my co-committees and I will be roaming around somewhere to do ocular inspections as a requirement to finish survey. I just wish that work won’t be that stressful in the next few days given that the project timeline I set is due mid-May.

This will definitely test my perseverance and time management. I shall resume reviewing so I can finish understanding the Science of sampling design.

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