Eloquence of Maturity

As we get older, we become more honest and don’t have the patience for pointless drama.

Having Jayvee with me is one of the most precious things that happened to my life. We started on an unusual setup until I had the urge that he needed to be genuinely cared for and loved. That’s what I did! I stole him from a sinking relationship which I personally thought that stayed long because of convenience and chore; I could be wrong.

Boy, I was definitely wrong! Never have I imagined that I would cause him pain because of some things that were never discussed and left in the dark. Dismissing issues led me to do go back to my insane thinking that I needed self-validation from others where in fact, my boyfriend, Jayvee, has all my eyes on me.

Considering what we have been together in a year or so, his maturity has always kept me in awe. Being so forgiving and understanding, I dragged him to an idea of sharing. Was it right? I do not know but it was worth trying.

Now that things are starting to be in place, just like in the song, “How do you keep the music playing?”.

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