Love Letters

When I first starting blogging way back in 2007 in Livejournal, my posts were terribly written. I did not know how to properly capitalize my sentences, used punctuations incorrectly and committed grossly unforgivable errors in tenses and subject and verb agreement. For the past years I was in college, writing through LJ has shaped my writing skill, to a point where you can read it without cringing.

Then, after I earned some bucks, I started blogging seriously Рhosting my own site, accepting backlinks and attending events so I could write something. I earned a few through events blogging and sponsored writing but I still chose to be behind the desk doing IT than roaming around dealing with people; typical introvert.

After a few months, I went on hiatus. Being on a turmoil while in soil of peninsular Malay and attending mathematical grad school, I lost time and passion to write. Being a millennial, I considered Twitter and Facebook as my sources to write through microblogging. It is convenient and can definitely reach wider audience but the creative thinking was set aside.

Today, my niche has changed. Am I changing this blog to be a one-way letter to the man I love?

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