Love Is

Being in love is one of the greatest feelings in life. You bond with someone who is very special to you, whom you may want to spend your life with. But being in love isn’t all that glam and glitters that you would experience butterflies in your stomach each moment; it’s not always that pretty.

Being in love could bring out your worst tantrums in a given situation. Banging your head out of nowhere when things don’t go too well as planned. Wishing that you would take a pause on life so you won’t experience this down feeling. Losing all the passion and memories that you would want them to fade away.

Being in love, sometimes, you would hide yourself within the four walls of your room and not wanting to get out. Remembering those lonely and idle moments crying yourself until you’re tired wondering why you weren’t enough to be at par to stay. You keep asking yourself if it was worth even loving someone if the pain is so tragic that it negates all those fond memories you were together – holding hands, talking nonsense things, sharing experiences in life.

Being in love, ugly you may say, but love is also beautiful.

Being in love teaches you not to be selfish. You plan your days ahead not just for you but with this special person on how your weekend would be like or where and when would you be in a year or so.

Being in love craves you to grasp for air to breathe that enduring the pain that may have caused you in the past keeps you going, fighting for each day that you will definitely experience all the beauties of loving someone. Or moments where you would want to experience waking up beside you in Sunday morning where the sparkle of your eyes glisten my view upon being shone by the sunrise, cuddling althrough morning acting like no chores to be done the whole day.

Being in love also encourages you to be strong, not just for yourself but for your partner whom you fought with or fighting with. Accepting all flaws and fixing minor adjustments to work harmoniously being as a couple, as one.

Being in love is definitely pretty.

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