Sunday, 4pm?

How do you feel meeting him?

Spoken like a true counselor. Last night I told Jayvee that he wants to meet me this weekend. That right moment when I received the text, everything came back – the fond memories, the laughter, the rush, and even the heartache and pain; so as staring at nowhere all night.

Jayvee was right. Even I tried to hide my emotions, specially during the first two weeks, I was in despair, felt each morning was dragging me just to breathe. But as day goes on, while listening to your playlist, even I have not started accepting our fate, I felt like that sketched mark was never improving at all. It seems like I was just getting to the pattern of not seeing you and holding you, but the pain never went away.

Why am I even melancholic? Jayvee was there all the time. As much as I deny it, he’s starting to feel like a safety net. I never thought that maintaining equilibrium would be easy with this setup.

So was it right that I agreed on Sunday? Definitely yes. The last night I had the chance to feel you was so swift that we didn’t have time to talk. I may not know what would happen this weekend.

Kung ika’y mawawala sa aking piling
Dinggin mo aking bilin
Lingon ka lang paminsan minsan
Dito lang ako
Di ako lilisan

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