Stop Overthinking and Start Trusting

Having overly creative thoughts is nice. You produce masterpieces, in any form, that you could be proud of. These products may influence or ignite passion to others or these can just be your outlet to show the universe how grateful life is. But being a creative thinker also dwells on overthinking.

Inside the mind of an overthinker, you tend to think even the smallest details that may distress you. Having consistent anxiety whether you should have done or not those petty decisions and actions in life which could have left to existence of negativity, rather than looking at the other sunny side of life, is tiring which often leads to self-destruction. I maybe interchanging pessimism and overthinking but the latter could result to paranoia that you always think of what would happen in the future that you’re basically missing the great things happening NOW.

I used to trust easily, believe me. But now that it’s happened, I am converting myself into this humdrum nerd who barely trusts himself that as time goes on, things will be better, the pain would definitely fade and your solitude would be replaced with enthusiasm and joy.

  • Why can’t I start thinking that worrying over things that I merely do not have control of is pointless?
  • Why can’t I trust that people who are supposed to leave will soon leave and people who decide to stay will be there for you, by your side?
  • Why can’t I believe┬áthat this temporary pain due to heartache is fundamental to your growth and self-preservation of sanity, and relationship failures will lead to strengthening interpersonal relationship holistically?

When will this start being okay?

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