When You’re Left, It’s Not The End

After realizing that there’s no point sulking because he has started to move on. Also, given that the situation will not change in the short term, you have to give yourself some rest. Beating yourself into broken pieces which aggravated by his leaving is not what you deserve but rather being with people who chose to stay. Why? Because he sees something worth fighting, while you, on the other end, are starting to feel jaded, awful, discontented and lost.

Again, because when people leave and it is not something that you cannot fully control, it is not solely your fault. Each one of us has specific reasons tailored to what they perceive and see what is fitting for their lives.

As people change, then, leave, you have to consider that it is part of this dynamic life. If it is just monotonous, then, no point of enjoying it because everything is so stagnant and unchanging like a flatline hum.It could be your classmate, your friend, your closest friend, your boyfriend or even your family member. When they leave, you just have to suck it up and accept as if it was merely a bad fate and just carry on. The truth is the older you get, the more people will leave. Unfortunately, as you age, too, you don’t get to gain new ones to replace those who left. You simply have to appreciate those who stay and appreciate them more each day because you have the chance to create more fond memories together rather than dwelling on the past that still haunt you while you’re recovering.

Look at all perspective, you may find peace and contentment when you weigh in all possible factors which led you to be in a sulky state right now. You have to recognize that it is okay to let go because if keeping it to yourself causes you more pain and heartache, then it is not helping. You maybe stuck in the idea of being in love while at the back your mind, you were wrong that you were in love. But how could the greatest instinct of mankind be so cruel? Love could be seasonal – it brings you happiness, joy, but it also tears you apart. You also need to recognize that even how much important this person in your life was, they have the right to walk out of your life, whether unintentional or to stay normal. In that same way, you have the option to walk away from them, too because you decide that you need to outgrow misery.

Keep in mind never to walk away from your self because if you do, you have just given up on your life. Love doesn’t walk away, people do.

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