Fading Light

As much as I want to hold on, it is time to let go.

There are still short moments while I am looking back at our pictures, I am still daydreaming where we are and what we are doing if we were still together because I fully admit, I still think of you. But for the past few days I was madly devastated, those memories are clouded by my sorrow, affecting my daily routine that I could barely function. After talking to some people while I am still holding on to my remaining sanity, I am finally overpowering this depression.

Maybe I will just keep that promise as a dream, a dream which I never could have. Those plans handwritten on the sand by the beach, washed away by placid current of tides and waves or maybe the gust of the wind will cover those as if nothing was written at all.

I am thinking if part of moving on requires you to forget people that have impacted your life would make it easier, even temporarily. Given that I have good eidetic memory, this is merely impossible to accomplish. So I guess I just have to suck it up and deal adulthood like a normal person who doesn’t give up easily because I have a life ahead of me.

As soon as I am stable, maybe I should just switch you off for now; this is always heartbreaking. Besides, there were no movements to your playlist, I guess you also stopped communicating.

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