I’m Drunk, I Love You

After watching I’m Drunk, I Love You at Cinema 76, it makes me wonder, when will I graduate from this attachment?

It is not just timely because I am finishing my Masters in Statistics but from an addictive habit that is hard to break. Yes, wallowing could wire your brain that the pain caused by it may be habit-forming specially if your hormones are messed up. I didn’t expect that being jovial, despite being introverted, would not exclude me from undergoing depression; I am improving.

Even the movie presented a sub-plot of having a throuple homosexual relationship. Jason Ty challenges the normative cycle of hooking up in Grindr with someone whom he barely knows but feels like being in love for 77 years despite he only met him over the weekend. He is brave enough to agree to it but we won’t know if the relationship struggles. SO MUCH FEELS!

Each relationship should struggle – not just to survive but because two three people act as one, there will be differences, a lot of it! Part of struggling is to know each other, respect and be sensitive on someone’s feelings regardless how strong your opinions and beliefs are. It is an ongoing work that in due time, everything becomes natural and you won’t feel struggling at all.

Today, I shall eat bagnet.