Panagbenga Festival 2013

While I was organizing my photos, I realized that I have not developed some of these which were taken when I went back to the Philippines for a short vacation. I could not remember what was the occasion, it could be that I got bored here in KL.

I asked my mother if she could come with me to Baguio since the plan to drive north to Baguio with Armel was not happening. She mentioned that we could stay in her friend’s house and it all went hell that I had to immediately find a room for two as soon as we arrive in Engineer’s Hill in Baguio.

Nevertheless, this is the first Philippine festival that I captured on camera. There were some that I have witnessed but I still didn’t have my camera with me.

As you could see, that the Ifugao culture is very rich. It roots down to their ancestors. I would want to go to the mountains and see the Ifugao Rice Terraces first hand – maybe soon.

The intricate of design hand-woven or hand-painted were designed on their clothes and costumes struck me the most. Although I didn’t have the time to take pictures of the flower gazebos and floats because it was already full of mob as the local celebrities presented themselves along the famous street of Session Road, much to my surprise after going to the market that morning with my mother, the people were already taking their places to witness the procession of Panagbenga.

You could read of why they celebrate this festive occasion somewhere but I’d like to show you how colorful they are.

Eron-Salamat Nuptials

I am tracking back the posts that I have lost and it goes back to December 2012.

Barasoain Interior

This is my cousin’s wedding held at the small yet historical church of Barasoain in Bulacan. I never thought that the church would be that small. Inside, it is buffed up with Christmas decors but when you stand closely next to the alter, there’s something eerie you would feel.


I am not a big fan of religion, specifically Catholicism yet the joy that it brings to me when I take good HDR shots is priceless.

Baguio Revisited

I didn’t many pictures when I visited Baguio again because I have been to the popular places. It is just that I was carrying my camera with me and along the way, I wanted to test what would it look like in HDR. After seeing such beautiful scenery, I thought of coming back to take more vibrant photos.

On the other hand, I took some shots from the street procession during the Panagbenga Festival.

The Pole Dancer

The last time I went back to Manila, I scheduled a studio shoot with Joey with Charry as our model. Since she has been doing a lot of pole dancing recently, why not make a shoot out of it, right?

It has been so busy these days. I will keep adding more pictures as I finish post processing them since these shots are more astounding in black and white. Thanks to someone who setup the 3-lighting system. hahaha 😛

Pole Dance

Cross Ankle Release

Pole Dance Pose


Pole Dance

Front Split

Pole Dance


Pole Dance

Side Cupid

Pole Dance

Hip Hold